Governor Gavin Newsom suggests starting 2020-2021 school year in late July

As the Tamalpais Union High School District schools have been closed for almost two months now, students and parents wonder when schools will reopen. California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, just released a new suggestion saying schools may reopen as early as late July.

Newsom is working hard to reopen the schools as soon as it is safe, and he has recognized that there are “learning losses” with kids doing school from home. Newsom says that even though schools might reopen soon, students should expect major changes. Some of these changes may include staggering student arrival times to limit the amount of students on campus and reducing physical contact, such as crowding together in the cafeteria or PE dressing rooms.

Newsom urges schools to take it slow when they finally reopen. This may mean only allowing 15 students in a room at a time, conducting random coronavirus testing on students, and allowing younger children back first, as he believes they are the most likely to follow social distancing rules. 

Although this is the latest prediction, it is important to remember this is an unpredictable disaster and things may change at any second. As of now, reopening schools in July is an option.