Player of the Week: Lola Palladini


Photo courtesy of Lola Palladini

Lola Palladini is a senior on the girls’ tennis team, but she first picked up the racket back in the second grade. She competed in games from Urban High in San Francisco to Justin Sienna in Napa. Her favorite game of this season was playing doubles against Branson with Maya Thisner, but her all-time favorite was in sophomore year when she won the most matches as doubles pairing for the team. 

Palladini’s best team memory is when she hosted the team dinner as a freshman, and the entire team jumped into her pool. The song she plays while driving to games is “Don’t Stop Me Now,” by Queen. 

“Everyone is very supportive, even when you have an off day, people don’t seem to mind, you have a friend in everyone which really allows the team to grow and support each other,” Palladini said, when asked what she’ll miss most about the sport. 

She plans to continue playing tennis in college on the intramural level.