Downton Abbey; an instant classic

Downton Abbey delivers the same glamour and riveting entertainment that the TV series perfected over its six seasons. The movie starts where the series left off, so character development and background are already well-established. This movie is not recommended for those who have not seen the show, as it would be confusing.

Almost a decade after WWI, the Crawley family continues to live their lives among the elite, going about their days attending to the issues of the village and entertaining other aristocrats. The movie centers around tension about cutting staff due to budgetary concerns, specifically around Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), who manages the estate’s budget alongside her father Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville). The ending of the series is unsatisfying, with many issues left unresolved. Fans of the show can look forward to plenty of happily ever afters in the movie.

Julian Fellows wrote the storyline without any dull scenes. The drama tended to drag on, but it was still able to hold the audience’s attention. The plot is dramatic and entertaining and the suspense is on point and compelling. The cinematography is astonishing, with breathtaking aerial views of the castle and estate that helps set the scene. Other times, the lighting and shot composition helped elevate the drama.

Downton Abbey is an instant classic that has easily lovable characters with easily relatable dilemmas. The soundtrack is the same one as in the TV series which brings back nostalgia to the events past in the show. I would rate this historical comedy an 8/10 for its entertaining storyline and beautiful cinematography.