“Borderlands Three” surpasses its predecessors

“Borderlands 3″ is a thirty hour long quest that never seems to bore. With an immense variety of weaponry, satisfying gunplay, and a compelling storyline, Gearbox Studio’s first-person RPG did nothing but impress.

“Borderlands 3” starts off on Pandora, a familiar wasteland planet from the original Borderlands games. You play as a vault hunter, part of a team protecting a map to an infamous vault told to contain priceless treasures. When the captain loses her magical abilities, the player has to step up and provide his weaponry services for the captain’s clan.

 The game launches your character into battles filled with psychotic bandits, rabid animals, and unique boss fights. The player uses interdimensional travel between planets with their own unique features and a diverse roster of enemies.

As the story progresses, the player becomes increasingly immersed in the inner life of the game, and the player begins to become familiarized with characters, many of which provide lively comic relief.  

The consideration that the game developers poured into the final product is evident, and it’s clear that they decided to create an innovative game instead of sticking with the conventional. This is exemplified especially through weaponry; some weapons have two different unique traits cleverly intertwined into one.

Every playable character has special abilities and traits that impact the gameplay. I found myself making multiple accounts to experience the gameplay with the different characters. 

The structure of the game provides a variety of opportunities and experiences for every type of player. For instance, if the player tires of the main storyline, the game contains ample side quests that they can complete. These adventures are short and enjoyable, relying more on comedic relief to entertain the player.

I recommend this game and commend the game designers. The compelling plot, the attention to detail, and the diverse variety of features, prove that the Borderlands franchise is still alive and well.