Local Yelpers give inaccurate reviews.

Samuel Mohan Lewin, Reporter

Is Subway good? No. But is it 1.5 star worthy? No. Their meat,
how ever low quality it may be, tastes fine (except for the meatballs,
God knows what goes in those.) Their rolls are average and
they have a wide selection of condiments and vegetables to compliment your sandwich. Subway’s flaws lie in their highly processed cheese, seedy facility and their poorly constructed sandwiches. They barely put any
meat on their sandwiches, making them appear bare and unappetizing, while tasting bland. Subway is most successful with its bread. They offer many different bakes and although they are not baked in-store, they are still
light and tasty. As for the restaurant itself, it seems clean enough, but I have been
told weird, but substantiated stories. Some of them are just awkward experiences with the staff, but I have also heard frightening tales, like customers finding ants in their drinks.
This Subway is very much a run of the mill fast food deli, undeserving of a meek 1.5 star rating. Subway should earn 3 stars but with more legitimate delis around, it should be avoided.
Especially in Marin It seems that there is a large, albeit warranted,
stigma against the fast food industry; the favorite nemesis of the ever-present
“slow food” movement in Marin is McDonald’s. This being said, there are 2 star McDonald’s, like the one in San Francisco (where a homeless person deposited a dead raccoon on a table and left,) and then there is this. Although the ice cream machine is typically broken, it is the cleanest McDonald’s I’ve been to and the food is good for the brand. Contrary to popular belief, McDonald’s pays attention to the quality of their food. Recently, they made an effort to increase the quality of their food stopping the use of artificial preservatives in their iconic McNug gets and transitioning from frozen to fresh beef for their quarter pounders. The finest item McDonald’s has to offer is their Bacon Smokehouse Burger. The burger consists of a quarter pound patty, bacon, bacon onion sauce, fried onion strings and white cheddar all on an “artisa
bun”. This McDonald’s is actually pretty good, a story not told by the angry Yelpers. Having made recent strides in the quality department, it should earn at least 3.5 stars.
High Tech Burrito
High Tech Burrito is literally on the way to many students’ lunch activities at Redhill Shopping Center, yet the intelligent ones
avoid it at all costs. High Tech’s flour tortillas may be the worst I’ve ever had.
Thick and gummy, the tortillas truly dominate the rest of the burritos flavor. Another problem with this restaurant is High Tech’s neglect to melt the cheese; something crucial to any warm meal. The one thing that the burrito tasted going for it is the chicken. Well cooked, marinated and actually warm, it helped distract from the rest of the burritos shortcomings, at least a little. As far as the rest of the menu goes, they offer a “sushi burrito.” As far as I’m aware, the only Asian-Mexican fusion has really taken off on a national level is Korean tacos and I can guarantee the High Tech sushi burrito will not be the next big thing. High Tech’s tacos are too dry without salsa and too wet with it. Average salsas and small portions contribute to their 2.5 star rating on Yelp, but considering the rest of High Tech’s shortcomings, they should probably earn a 1.5. A more accurate representation of what Subway has to offer.