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The pinnacle of Falcon journalism

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The pinnacle of Falcon journalism

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“Pokemon Shield” protects the franchise’s reputation

Nick Anthony, Arts & Entertainment Editor November 26, 2019

As the release date for Gamefreak’s yearly Pokemon game, “Pokemon Shield” grew nearer, I found myself getting more and more excited. Why, exactly, was I getting so excited for a franchise that releases...

Weezer’s newest album won’t disappoint

Aler Giffin, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 26, 2019

Weezer’s latest song “End of the Game” doesn't let listeners down, as the song intertwines the vibe of their past songs with a newer, fresher feel. It calls back the sound of old classic rock, and...

Claire Love and Amber Simon in Antigone X. Photo courtesy Peter Parish.

Drake Drama’s Antigone X Captivates Audience in New Venue

Emily Cardwell, News and Sports Editor November 14, 2019

Drake drama has a new venue. Following the retirement of beloved Drake drama teacher David g. Smith, his former classroom has been remodeled into a new studio theatre.  Antigone X is the first play...

She stood tall but content fell short

Kyla Seeley, Junior Sports Editor November 11, 2019

The Netflix original “Tall Girl” accumulated significant backlash since its debut in mid-September. It deserved it.  The film follows six foot one – and a half – tall Jodi Kreyman (Ava Michelle)...

“Joker” raises the bar for superhero movies

Otis Hixon, Music Reviewer November 7, 2019

“Joker” is not for everyone. From the first scene, an oppressive depression saturates the film, and its unflinchingly deep dive into the stigmas around mental illness is disturbing and dark. It’s...

“Ghostbusters” (2016) can’t compare to its predecessor

Aler Giffin , Arts and Entertainment Editor November 7, 2019

“Ghostbusters” (2016) is a modernized version of the original, made to fit gender and racial norms that are in our society today. The plot falls along the same lines as the original but doesn’t have...

“A Clockwork Orange” is disturbing beyond words

Adelina Merrell, Reporter November 7, 2019

“A Clockwork Orange” had its debut back in 1971, gaining notoriety for its disturbing imagery and seemingly thoughtless violence. Because of this film, it seems that people are more accustomed to violence...

Cage The Elephant’s “Social Cues” is impressive

Adelina Merrell, Reporter November 1, 2019

Cage the Elephant has impressed yet again. Their new LP, Social Cues features lead vocalist Matt Schultz singing melodies that bring back the style of albums past. Although some rhythms and drums are similar...

A look back on “Taxi Driver”

Otis Hixon, Music Reviewer October 31, 2019

What happens to someone constantly shunned by society, mistreated and misunderstood? What happens to people who are different? These are the questions asked in Martin Scorsese’s psychological thriller...

Wolfenstein Youngbloods waltzes its way into okay

Aler Giffin, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 31, 2019

Wolfenstein Youngblood’s 15-hour long quest did not impress. While it had all the basic elements of action and a storyline, the game lacked compelling characters and satisfying free-range gameplay.  Wolfenstein...

Downton Abbey; an instant classic

Adelina Merrell, Reporter October 4, 2019

Downton Abbey delivers the same glamour and riveting entertainment that the TV series perfected over its six seasons. The movie starts where the series left off, so character development and background...

M83 Brings Nostalgia to Synth-Pop Genre

Ella Richards, Reporter October 4, 2019

  M83’s new album DSVII - Digital Shades Vol.2, released on Sept. 20th, pays tribute to soundtracks of classic video games and ambient instrumentals. The LP follows their last album, Digital...

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