Town Center Corte Madera cafe Teaspoon heightens Marin boba scene


Jai Coyote

Teaspoon cafe opened its doors to the public on Aug. 27, 2022.

Teaspoon, a handcrafted boba chain founded in 2015, opened a new location in Corte Madera on Aug. 27. The tea shop conveniently serves drinks every day from 11 a.m. through 9 p.m. Boba-tea options in Marin are few and far between, and the new cafe at the Town Center is one of the best spots around.

The first ever Teaspoon opened in Los Altos, California, and the franchise has since expanded to over 20 locations on the West Coast. In contrast to other local boba tea shops – such as Kuma Cafe and Sharetea in San Rafael – Teaspoon offers takeout and delivery. Furthermore, it has a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points which customers can use to buy free drinks. 

Teaspoon has a variety of different condiments for drink customization. (Jai Coyote)

The interior is simple, with small tables for dining and an open layout that allows customers to see the barista. The ability to watch the individual drinks being made inevitably enhances the experience. 

The inside itself is minimalististic with tiled walls and smooth marble counters. The cafe’s slogan is painted on the wall, and combined with the modern decorations, makes their decor clean, modern, and simple. 

Ordering at Teaspoon is easy, with Apple Pay, credit card, and cash options available. The only difficult part of the process is picking a drink and navigating the customizations, which the friendly staff are happy to help with. With only a few other customers in the cafe, the wait time is pleasantly short. 

The eclectic menu at Teaspoon includes an option for everyone, with beverages ranging from seasonal drinks and classic milk teas to various Peruvian coffees. However, the best part is their signature drinks, including a variety of frozen beverages, as well as matcha and American sweet-tea with a twist. 

Their beverages are all available in one surprisingly large size. All drinks start at $5.75, but get more expensive with the addition of creams, puddings, bobas and jellies. Ice and sweetness levels are adjustable for no additional charge. 

In the spirit of Halloween, Teaspoon decorated the interior of the cafe with spooky ornamentation. (Jai Coyote)

A classic order option is the “Creamy Jasmine “ milk tea ($6), which is sweetened with golden cane sugar. Unsurprisingly, the generously-portioned, still warm, and perfectly-textured boba was the best part of the drink. 

Another drink that is worth a try is their signature “Caramel Cream.” For $6.25, the drink consists of organic milk and honey boba, mixed in with a brown sugar syrup. The brown sugar almost adds a level of acidity to the drink, and the slight flavor of coffee ties together the drink nicely. 

Looking to the future, Teaspoon is set to have various flavors of macarons available for purchase in sets of one, three and six. However, as the Corte Madera Teaspoon grand opening is not until the end of October, they are not yet available.

Teaspoon products are made with high-quality ingredients, and the flavor of their drinks shows that. While the price tag on their teas is steep, their beverages are well-crafted and worth the cost. Overall, Teaspoon earns a rating of 4.8 out of five feathers, and is evidently the place to go for a unique boba experience.