Pump up your seasonal taste with new Trader Joe’s fall treats

The pumpkin cream cheese is a nice seasonal addition to your bagel.
The pumpkin cream cheese is a nice seasonal addition to your bagel.
Cole Taplin

As the leaves start to change color, and the air turns crisp, there’s a certain joy that comes with the beginning of the autumn season. Trader Joe’s offers many foods to choose from, with specialties ranging from pumpkin ice cream to pumpkin beer. TJ’s has enough pumpkin items to last three meals a day, some that are showstopping and some that you should avoid consuming. This is your essential guide to celebrating the uprising autumn season with the best pumpkin items to incorporate into every meal.

The frozen section neatly displays all the cold pumpkin items. (Cole Taplin)

To start your day and get into the fall spirit, pumpkin waffles (7/10 feathers) will help you warm up in the cold weather. The pumpkin waffles are not too sweet, unlike the Pumpkin O’s (2/10 feathers), which are sugary with almost no pumpkin flavor. The waffles taste astounding with some maple syrup and will power you through your day. If that’s not enough, the pumpkin espresso beans (9/10 feathers) make a nice creamy pumpkin spice drink to warm you up, wake you up, and keep you going.

The pumpkin ravioli (6/10 feathers) is a pleasant lunch snack and tastes great with a chunk of butter mixed in. The chewiness of the pasta complements the soft inside. If you’re not a pasta fan, their pumpkin cream cheese (9/10 feathers) is a must. Stick to plain bagels, though, because Trader Joe’s pumpkin bagels (1/10 feathers) are dry and taste like cardboard.

A tasty filling dinner to end your day in a pumpkin way has got to be the pumpkin gnocchi (6/10 feathers). The pumpkin bisque (8/10 feathers) pairs perfectly with this dish. The flavors are delicious with the right amounts of pumpkin flavor. It’s an exceptional squash soup that’s warm and great on a cool day.

The opening pumpkin display showcases all of the new items of the fall season. (Cole Taplin)

For a dessert to finish your pumpkin-themed meals, try the pumpkin ice cream (7/10 feathers). As daunting as it sounds, the pumpkin ice cream is a great blend of sweet and savory flavors from the pumpkin spice blend, combined with smooth ice cream.. The pumpkin spice batons (7/10 feathers) can add a bit of crunch to your dessert as a topper or make a tasty treat on their own.

As you cozy up in the cold weather, the pumpkin spice candle (5/10 feathers) will spice up your house. It makes you feel enveloped in the autumn season as you breathe in the sweet pumpkin aroma. As you’re cozying up with your pumpkin candle, you can enjoy some Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice tea (8/10 feathers). It’s a nice warm drink to finish off the day and watch TV with. 

So, get into the fall spirit, and walk the aisles of pumpkin-flavored goodies at Trader Joe’s. Amazed at the variety, you’ll be sure to discover something that you never knew could be pumpkin-flavored.

The pumpkin ice cream is a creamy, not-too-sweet dessert. (Cole Taplin)
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    diana theodoresOct 13, 2023 at 8:07 AM

    wow! can’t wait to “tuck into” these pumpkin delights
    Thanks for the review!