New winter formal dance venue to accomodate classes



For this year’s Winter Formal the biggest venue was chosen to accommodate the increase of students at the school. A whopping 702 students attended, giving the dance floor a cozier, winter feel.

Waking up the next day with bruises down your shins, no one would guess the night before you were at the dance. The 30-by-10 dance floor inspired the more logical students to scurry to the ventilated outskirts. For more adventurous students, the mosh pit of sweaty limbs guaranteed an elbow to the back was their spot.

If asked what super power you would want, we say it would be to fly. As students ventured into the abyss of the dance floor, moments later they would be thrown out catching air as they landed with an ungraceful slam into the DJ stage.

The safest areas of the dance were hiding in the blackness of the food tables, accidentally dipping your plantain chip into the barbecue sauce instead of the ketchup. The photo booth was also another hideaway some students chose to take cover. Those who cautiously observed the animals from afar had the added entertainment of watching students violently shove into each other as if treasure lay at the center of the dance floor.

Administrators interupted the slow, classy formal dancing and instructed students to move back and stop shoving. It quickly changed the “Magic Mike” auditions to a debutante rehearsal with parents. Everyone was way too friendly to give up the opportunity to be more than hugging distance from each other so the plan failed.

Finally, the students in the center realized there really was no treasure and succumbed to taking a step back. Moments later, students began to fly, shoes were lost, and elbows were in full swing again.

Nearing the end of the night, many students didn’t give up. Time and time again students would fuel up on the popcorn and pretzels and continue to test out the dance floor. Although if you went in, there was a chance it would take a while to get out, leaving many students unsure of what to do.

Those of who got to try the snacks, the plantains in the top left corner of the room were far superior to the ones in the bottom right corner.