Falcons softball took a swing and a miss against Wildcats


Carolyn Morris

Sophomore Paige Murphy prepares for a pitch on Tuesday April 4.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Archie Williams varsity softball faced off against the Marin Catholic Wildcats, falling short with a final score of 1-5. Although held at the Falcon’s home field, the game counted as an away game due to the Wildcats’ lack of a softball field. 

The Wildcat’s first run came in the first inning, however junior pitcher Amelia Richer struck out a batter and the Wildcats stranded three runners. The Falcons were unable to put up points on the scoreboard until the third inning when sophomore shortstop Paige Murphy hit a single and stole second, third, and home base to tie the game.

Junior Annabelle Freed swings through a pitch from Marin Catholic pitcher. (Carolyn Morris)

“I take in the positives from the last games, but don’t dwell on the negatives,” Paige said. “You are what you are in the games, especially when you don’t have practice in between.” 

As the bottom of the third began, the Wildcats hit back-to-back triples and ran in three more runs to up their score to four. The Falcons remained behind for the rest of the game and were unable to get back on base. No Falcon batters reached base in the last four innings. 

The Wildcats picked up another run in the fifth inning to make the score 1-5. Neither team was able to produce much offense in the sixth and seventh innings, so the score remained 1-5. 

Because of interference from the weather in previous games, the Falcons have had to reschedule games and fit them into their season. This week the Falcons play three games in a row, with another game this Friday. With little practice or rest time between games, the Falcons have had to build a strong mindset. 

Sophomore Kennedy Dunsing looks to hit the ball during the top of the sixth inning. (Carolyn Morris)

“The team tends to play better when we play consistently. And I would say the first eight games or so of the year, we would have a game and then a couple days of rain where we couldn’t [play], games got canceled or we’d have practice in the gym. So it was really hard to get into a rhythm,” head coach Neil Murphy said. 

As the Falcons surpass the halfway point of their season, they continue looking to improve their 2-5 MCAL record. They are currently ranked sixth in MCAL.

“We played every league game very, very tight. So I think we’re right there,” Murphy said. 

The Falcons played Redwood at home on Wednesday, April 5. The last time the Giants and Falcons played, the Giants left with a win over the Falcons 4-6. This time, the Giants came out of the gate scoring six runs in the first inning. The Falcons were never able to catch up and the final score was 2-10.

“Last time we played Redwood, we played a really good game against them,” Paige said. “And we know in our hearts that we can beat them and just go into this game with full confidence.”