Eco-Action Club: Striving to bring sustainability to the Marin community


James Gregor

Eco Action club members band together to recruit new members during club day on Jan. 27.

Clubs give students the chance to bond over familiar interests while aiming to make a difference in the community, and the Eco-Action Club at Archie Williams focuses on helping the environment through direct aid and raising awareness about sustainability. Club members work in the on-campus garden, use their own composting system, and plan events to improve sustainability and environmental awareness in the community. 

“I joined freshman year at Club Day because I thought it would be a good idea to get to know the school better and make more friends,” said senior Iris Pedrick.

Eco-Action Club meets every Thursday during lunch and hosts optional activities outside of school. The club occasionally has required garden workdays.

“[During] the biggest [garden workday] we did recently, we planted a ton of milkweed in the garden to encourage monarch butterflies to lay their eggs [there],” Iris said.

Aside from working in the garden, club members spend lunch meetings planning and discussing events. 

“So far, we’ve done ‘Walk to School Day,’ and right now, we’re in the middle of planning a sustainable clothing swap event that will hopefully involve the entire school,” said senior Laynie Josephs

A clothing swap allows students to exchange unwanted clothing while learning about the importance of sustainable fashion. Members will bring extra clothing that they don’t wear anymore, and the Eco-Action Club will display them so that students can trade clothes instead of purchasing them new.

“[The clothing swap] is all about not putting clothing into the trash, and becoming more environmentally conscious,” Laynie said.

Eco-Action occasionally collaborates with SEA-Disc, Archie Williams’ environmental science academy, as they share similar goals and interests. They recently finished a spring harvest project together, which began with planting produce during the winter. They have given some of the produce to the Canteen, as well as to teachers and students. 

As a member of SEA-Disc, club leader and senior Sam Podoll has additional environmental action experience from being in the academy. She joined the Eco-Action club as a freshman and assumed the role of club leader for the 2022-23 school year.

Between their ongoing garden and fundraisers, Eco-Action Club always has multiple projects and events lined up. They are planning on painting a mural on the other side of their garden wall, and are getting their composting system up and running.

Eco-Action Club provides members with a positive community, whether they participate in the club’s endeavors outside of school or just attend lunch meetings.

“I’ve enjoyed that we’re all together aiming for the same goal, and we’re all passionate about this specific cause. It brings us all together as a club,” Laynie said.

The club gives members a community and the chance to make a difference. Alongside empowering students, it helps the environment and works for the greater good of Archie Williams.

“The garden is a space for everyone to enjoy, and even if you’re not part of the club, it’s still open for everyone to come in… If anyone wants to make an impact in their community and on the environment, this is a good place to do that,” Sam said.