Varsity basketball senior night ends with unfortunate losses


Willy Finley

Junior guard Alex Martikan shoots a three-pointer in front of the Archie Williams student section.

On Thursday, Feb. 2, boys and girls varsity basketball took on the San Marin Mustangs on the Falcons’ senior night. San Marin’s boys and girls both entered the match as heavy favorites. 

Senior guard Luke Calagari pulls up to shoot a mid-range jump shot. (Willy Finley )

A surge from the Falcon’s offense allowed the girls to jump to an early 9-0 lead. The Mustangs began to close the gap but the Falcons still maintained a five point lead going into the second quarter. 

“We started off really strongly as a team, we went out with a lot of energy,” said assistant coach K.C. Vlah. “And I think the girls played together as a unit strongly.”

Sophomore guard Carly Amborn jumps up for the tip-off to start the game against San Marin High School on Thursday, Feb. 3. (Willy Finley)

San Marin flipped a switch once the second quarter started. Their offense took form as they went on a scoring streak, coming back from their nine point deficit. By the end of the half, the Falcons trailed the Mustangs 12-14.

The score remained even between the two teams until the last two minutes of the third quarter. The Mustangs began pulling away from the Falcons, extending their lead to six. Their success sucked the energy out of the crowd while going on to finish the quarter with a 25-19 lead.

The Mustangs started the fourth quarter with the same momentum that they had in the third quarter. They scored 12 final quarter points compared to the Falcons’ seven, winning the game, 37-26. 

“We needed to find more ways to penetrate [San Marin’s defense] and have a little bit more offense, but defensively, we played really strong,” Vlah said.

Thursday’s game was a defensive battle for the girls. While the Mustangs have a secured playoff spot with their 13-2 record, the Falcons will have a must-win battle against top-seeded Marin Catholic on Saturday, Feb. 4.

Mustang defender fouls senior forward Kai Nissen on his lay-up attempt. (Willy Finley)

Unlike the girl’s game, the San Marin boys began their domination early, quickly jumping to an early 14-3 lead over the Falcons. The Mustangs were led by junior guard Tristan Mcdonagh’s five first quarter points.

The second quarter did not provide the Falcons any relief. The Mustangs, continuing their strong first quarter performance, amassed 45 points by the end of the half. Mustangs junior captain, Nick Cubley, led the charge, scoring 10 points in the second quarter. Following a lackluster start, the Falcons scored 14 points before halftime.

“We did not come out with energy on offense as we could not make a shot and it showed in the first half,” said senior forward Ben Beak. “In the second half, we started scoring and did a lot better.”

Junior forward Gia Debok shoots a lay-up in an attempt to shorten the Mustangs’ lead. (Willy Finley )

The Mustangs kept up their domination for the rest of the game and the Falcons saw no sight of a comeback. While the Falcons picked it up a little in the fourth quarter, holding the Mustangs to just six points, San Marin went on to win 69-41.

“It was an honor to play on this court for one last time. I know we didn’t go out how we wanted to, but I just had fun with my brothers, and at the end of the day, we are all family,” said senior guard Luke Calegari.

With the result of this game, San Marin remains in third place, while Archie Williams sits in fourth. This contest was the Falcons’ last game of the season in their home gym. The Falcons’ matchup Saturday, Feb. 4 will be a must-win game against Marin Catholic.

“It was a good night…, it’s going to be a memory forever,” said senior guard Max Berman.