Kientz Hall: A new addition to San Anselmo with a variety of foods for customers to enjoy



A plate of the Lamb Meatballs with Tzatziki, lettuce and pickled onions, on a table overlooking downtown San Anselmo.

Dining at Kientz Hall, a new restaurant located in San Anselmo, is an enjoyable experience. Prices are a tad expensive, but it is worth it with all the food options inspired by various locations around the world. The beautiful decor and the inviting, comfort

The kale caesar being scooped onto a plate, ready to fill someone’s stomach while they wait for their entrees. (Neve Marin Rue Galmarini)

ing, atmosphere fosters a welcoming feeling. Kientz Hall is the perfect blend of beauty and comfort thrown together to create an interesting and fun place to dine.

The counter service aspect of the restaurant is simple and easy. Kientz has an effective and structured way to order more food through an app. The easy system works perfectly considering the rooftop terrace, because diners won’t need to walk down the stairs to order more food.

The terrace overlooks downtown San Anselmo and has a spectacular view of Mt. Tamalpais. Since the restaurant is open for dinner from 5-9pm, customers get to enjoy the most beautiful view of the sunset. However, depending on the time of day and where the customers sit, there’s a possibility of the sun making it hard to see. 

If inside seating is more comfortable for people, there is also a beautiful seating area on the first floor. The lovely light green paneled walls and the deep green plants hanging from above add to a beautiful environment to sit and eat at on a cold night. The seating continues through the restaurant, keeping a feeling of openness in the layout.

For appetizers, the kale caesar is the perfect mixture of greens, cheesy, and caesar goodness. The kale is fresh and the croutons are well seasoned and crunchy. The fries are pliant and delectable in your mouth with just the right amount of salt and come with an aioli dip on the side. 

The view of Mt. Tam from the rooftop terrace on top of Kientz Hall that overlooks san anselmo. (Neve Marin Rue Galmarini)

For their entrees, Kientz Hall has an incredible lamb meatball dish. The dish comes with four lamb meatballs on a skewer and is served with lettuce, pickled onions, and Tzatziki sauce. The Tzatziki sauce, being made from cucumbers, has a flavor that compliments  the lamb well. I find the best way to eat it is to wrap a meatball in lettuce with the Tzatziki sauce and onions, making a delicious gyro wrap.

Though the restaurant has many other options as well, I personally love the Tri-Tip steak. It has a soft texture and is cooked to around medium. The Santa Maria marinade with black pepper, salt, and garlic is perfect with this specific meat and brings out all of the flavor.

If you’re in the mood for dessert, there are some great options as well – particularly the vanilla soft serve. Topping choices include caramel drizzle, olive oil, and more, but offering more flavors than just vanilla as a base would make the experience better. 

Kientz Hall is a fantastic addition to San Anselmo and brings many townspeople downtown to enjoy their evenings. It’s lovely to sit on the rooftop and eat exceptional food, even though it is a bit on the pricey side. I would give this restaurant a 4.5/5 because though eating there is a great experience, it could be made even better by adding more shading options for the rooftop and some more dessert options for customers.