Falcons looking to bounce back after loss to Wildcats


Willy Finley

Falcons field hockey debriefs after their loss to MC on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, Falcons girl’s field hockey took on Marin Catholic at their home field. Despite a strong performance, the Falcons suffered a 6-0 loss.

The Falcons started the game with strong defense, keeping the Wildcats from scoring for most of the first quarter. However, the Wildcats managed to get the ball through senior goalie Jessie Gauna, ending the first quarter with a 1-0 Wildcats lead. 

AWHS senior Kathrine Diperna pushes past an MC defender on Wednesday. (Willy Finley)

In the second quarter, the Wildcats’ offense was strong, keeping the ball close to Falcon’s goal. With excellent defense skills from Jessie, the Falcons were able to block numerous Wildcat attempts to score. But, the Wildcats persisted and were able to score twice, making the score 3-0 Wildcats at the end of the second quarter. 

During the third quarter, the ball remained close to the Falcon’s goal. Katherine Diperna ran up and down the field, using her speed to carry the ball towards the Wildcats’ goal. However, the Wildcats gained two more points, one of them being a self-goal from the Falcons. 

Although the Wildcats took the win during this quarter, the Falcons noticed improvements in their skills as a team.

“We talked a lot, more than we usually do. We definitely covered our positions well, like we knew where we were supposed to be and we did our job,” said junior Chloe Cronin. 

In the last quarter, the Falcons were desperate to keep the Wildcats from another point, deflecting the ball from their goal. Despite the immense effort from the Falcons, the Wildcats were able to score once more, ending the game at 0-6. 

AWHS defenders try to win the ball back during the third quarter of Wednesday’s game. (Willy Finley)

“I think we communicated better in this game than we have in the past and I think we’re starting to learn how to mark on defense so that went pretty well for us, although we still have room to improve,” said head coach Michelle Boutwell

Team members agree that the team has room for improvement, but they are optimistic for the remainder of the season. 

“I think we need to work on getting back and… we need to work on getting open for the ball… [We look forward to] scoring goals, [and] maybe winning a game,” Jessie said. 

The Falcons look forward to their next game against San Francisco University High School, Tuesday, Sept. 20.