New license laws impact teenagers

This year what many teenage drivers refer to as the “six month rule” has been changed to the “one year rule.”

Assembly bill AB1474 states that no driver aged 16-17 who has had their license for less than one year can drive with a passenger under the age of 20 unless accompanied by a licensed adult 25 years or older. It also states that teens can only drive until 11 pm, earlier than the original curfew of midnight.

“They can’t expect everyone to be aware of the situation. They should have made it for everyone who got their license after a certain date like they did with the original rule.” junior Elise Greenleigh said.

This Graduated Drivers Licensing Law was created in 1997 in order to minimize dangerous situations with young drivers.

According to the Marin IJ, the DMV found that because of the law, drivers aged 16 and 17 reduced crashes by 5.3 percent in 2003.