Girls freshman Basketball Dunks on Redwood

AWHS head coach Tabor Watson calls timeout as AWHS is up 10-2.

Brody Rhodes

AWHS head coach Tabor Watson calls timeout as AWHS is up 10-2.

Tuesday, Dec. 2 marks a 30-8 home win for AWHS freshman girls basketball over Redwood High School (RHS). Improving their overall record to 2-0, AWHS only lost the lead as RHS scored the first basket, yet were able to comeback and dominate throughout the rest of the game.

  AWHS started slow while only being up 6-2 at the end of the first quarter. AWHS held the lead with RHS scoring zero in the second quarter. AWHS’ lead was 14-2 going into halftime. 

“We did well with our defense for the most part and our rebounds were much better than our last game. A lot of our points also came from fast breaks,” said freshman guard Lila Fox.

Lockdown defense and rebounding was a key component to AWHS’ 22 point win as they did not give up a single point in the second quarter. They were able to maintain the ball for long periods of time, giving them a chance to rundown the clock.

“As soon as pressure is on us we start to play chaotic and we need to work on being a little precise and we need to inbound the ball properly so that we aren’t getting as many 5 second violations,” said freshman Coach Tabor Watson.

AWHS trying to push the ball up the court as time expires to end with a 30-8 win. (Brody Rhodes)

One of the few downsides in the game was how AWHS was consistently turning the ball over when under pressure. Especially when out of bounds throwing it in, an inbound. AWHS consistently went over the 5 sec time limit.

Nevertheless their defense stayed strong as they held RHS to yet again a scoreless third quarter. Simultaneously not scoring as well that quarter, AWHS had great defense keeping RHS at the 12 point lead with a score of 14-2.

The Falcon’s had no trouble closing out the game as the offense rolled for their biggest scoring quarter of the game, dropping 16 points. Once again the defense started strong as The Falcon’s only allowed RHS to obtain 6 points to finish the game with a final score of 30-8. 

Yet, AWHS still thinks that there are some major aspects that will help transcend their season to be successful.

“We can definitely improve on getting past the other team when they are pressing us and we need to work on running our plays correctly. We also had a lot of turnovers so we need to work on that and communicate more as a team,” Lila said.

Lila feels the offense did struggle early on and in the third quarter as they were unable to run certain set plays and break through RHS’ press defense, causing a few turnovers. They were able to improve on both of these in the fourth quarter as they scored more during that quarter than the entire game.

Since there are no playoffs for the freshman team, everyone’s overall goal is to have fun while improving on their game and to try and keep on winning. AWHS girls freshman basketball hope to continue this trend on Saturday, Dec. 4 against Marin Catholic on AWHS home court.