Girls Varsity soccer remains undefeated after draw with Terra Linda

Terra Linda contains the position of the ball, well AWHS fights hard to get it back.

Jasmin Desruisseau

Terra Linda contains the position of the ball, well AWHS fights hard to get it back.

AWHS girls Varsity soccer played Terra Linda (TL) on Dec. 7 and tied the score, keeping their undefeated streak. 

Despite AWHS maintaining possession of the ball for the majority of the game, TL scored an unexpected goal in the first half. AWHS then scored a goal in the second half, tying the game 1-1.

Head coach Jeff Mahaney felt the game could have taken a different route if there was a stronger push in the beginning of the game and less wasted time spent chasing the ball. He feels these past few games have moved slower than those at the beginning of the girls’ season, but he still carries high hopes for the rest of the year. 

“I feel pretty good about how we started this season, but the past couple of games have been a little bit of a lull in the way that we’re playing but ultimately we have a pretty talented group, who are committed to being great so I think we’re gonna see great things this year,” Mahaney said. 

AWHS sophomore (midfield)  Sammy Gerner felt her team didn’t play as well as hoped, as they eventually tied up the game in the second half, but could have started stronger in the first. 

AWHS plays strong defense against a TL competitor. (Jasmin Desruisseau)

“Not a lot went well, but I think we clicked on in the end and we were able to find that mindset that led us to play faster and score a goal, but we need to be able to find that earlier and use it throughout the whole game,” Sammy said

Sophomore (forward) Ally Greenwald agreed with Sammy, and hopes for succeeding wins in future games. 

“We worked hard in the end and were able to pull out that goal but I think we did need to work on our passing, which was a little inconsistent, but overall we really picked it up in the end,” Ally said.

The AWHS soccer varsity girls feel they have a competitive and intriguing season ahead of them. The Varsity girls will play next at Tamalpais High on Dec. 11.