Girls varsity basketball shoots into MCALs with tough loss against San Rafael bulldogs


Brody Rhodes

Senior forward Lucy Johnson defends the San Rafael inbound pass.

The AWHS girls varsity basketball team took on the San Rafael High School Bulldogs on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at the AWHS gym. The Bulldogs defeated the Falcons by six points with a final score of 48-54. 

With a slow beginning, the San Rafael Bulldogs quickly took a seven point lead with 3:52 left in the first quarter. The Falcons struggled to defend without fouls, and drew multiple in the first quarter. Sophomore Anabelle Freed started the Falcons point scoring with a layup assisted by senior Bea Mancini

The team gained chemistry and momentum after senior guard Jada Shore made a layup, drawing a foul. Off an inbound play, Bea scored a three, bringing the score within one of the Bulldogs. Finally, senior Margaret Young made a layup in the first quarter, obtaining the first Falcon lead of the game, 10-9.

The Falcons expanded their lead to 16-9 before the bulldogs called a timeout in hopes to stop AWHS’ scoring run. After the timeout, San Rafael High scored two baskets before Bea made another jumper, making the score 18-13. Jada drew another shooting foul, making one of her two free throws. Margaret was subbed back in and made a layup, creating a 21-13 lead. At the half, the Falcons led by 8. 

“I think we played a really rushed game. Obviously this was not the way we want to start our season, but we are going to use this game as fuel/motivation for games in the near future,” said senior Lucy Johnson

At the end of the third quarter, star player Margaret gained her final foul, fouling out of the game. San Rafael High’s Ambelia Rodas had 23 of her team’s 35 points with 2:33 left in the third. Pulling ahead with the lead, the Bulldogs were up by 10 heading into the fourth and final quarter.

Senior center Margaret Young shoots a free throw after a foul.
(Brody Rhodes)

“Having three of your best players foul out is tough because it directly affects the energy on the court,” Lucy said.

The fourth quarter was a struggle as the Falcons were in double bonus with 10 fouls. Shooting two free throws every time they were fouled, the Bulldogs began running away with the lead. The Falcons rallied in the fourth quarter to come back within six of the bulldogs. The final score was 48-54 in favor of the Bulldogs

“I’m really proud of the effort we brought tonight. We played a little bit frantically at times, giving up a couple of turnovers and fouls,” Bea said. 

Putting up a good fight, the Falcons are hoping to improve upon their communication on and off the court, especially during the press breaks. The Falcons believe they will bounce back from this loss, as it won’t hold them back. 

“For the upcoming season, I’d like to really gel as a team and play our best collectively. I would love to beat SR in their home gym to avenge our loss as well as beat the teams we lost to last year,” Bea said.