Ho-ho-ho-liday gift guide


Chloe Levenson

Present upon present will stack up after the items on this list are racked up.

As the holiday season prances onto the 2021 calendar and decorations float into storefront windows, the annual stress of gift giving slams into the forefronts of our minds. Some individuals make it easy and simply write their lists of desires. On the other hand, there are always people who ‘don’t want anything’ (and then might feel unfulfilled with whatever you buy them). Allow us to outline a variety of gifts for the varying personalities that are sure to pop up on your gift-giving list, so you can wow your loved ones and nail the gift giving season.


For the Urban Gardener: 

Herbs are an essential addition to any dish, but they can be difficult to maintain as herbs are such tiny beings that need constant tending (and store-bought herbs don’t always make the cut). The Smart Mini Herb Garden makes growing delicious and healthy herbs easy, providing the recipient with their own mini windowsill garden. The garden can be black, white, beige, and ‘illustrated’ to adapt to your recipient’s kitchen aesthetic. To top it all off, the company, Click and Grow, plants a tree for every purchase.


For the Aroma Admirer: 

This clean perfume set from Sephora is the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to find their signature scent. It contains six of Sephora’s best selling clean fragrances with a delicious variety of scents. From fruity florals to cool spices, this set surely has something the giftee will like. An added bonus: the set comes with a “Scent Certificate” which can be redeemed for a full-size bottle of any perfume in the set.


For Dad:

The most difficult person when it comes to giving gifts always seems to be the dads who “already have everything they want.” However, one thing that a person can never have enough of is knowledge. That’s where Masterclass comes in handy. With hundreds of different classes on athletics, cooking, the arts, and more, all taught by celebrity experts, Dad can expand his knowledge through a meaningful, insightful learning experience. 


For Grandma: 

Grandmas always have the best recipes, but sometimes passing them down generations by word of mouth isn’t reliable enough. The customizable “My Family Cookbook” is an adorable place to keep all her recipes for all the future generations. Not only is the cookbook an endearing and informational item, but customizing the book will provide a fun family activity for all ages.


For the Snacker:

Food; it’s universal and caters to anyone because we all need it. This snack packed subscription box selection from Mouth Innovations will please the Snacker’s taste buds while opening them to wider ranges of tasty treats. Each box is catered to different tastes: American classics, fancy adult cocktails, charcuterie ingredients, and more delectable individualities. From chocolate bon bons to hot sauce, there has to be something that your beloved muncher will like.


For the Amateur Chef:

Typical kitchen tools can be a bore, but this custom engraved cutting board spices things up with a cheerful message. The Etsy shop “Think Engraved” etches any chef’s most beloved recipe into an adorable wooden cutting board to create a heartwarming chopping experience. Your favorite chef is sure to tear up while cutting onions and reading their great-grandma’s recipe.


For the Crazy Dog Person:

Do you have a dog lover in your circle who’s dying to know what breed their special rescue dog is? Then this Dog DNA Test is the perfect gift for them. Even if someone knows their dog’s breed, this test will provide them with more insight so they truly can brag about their canine knowledge, and they will feel even more connected to their furry friend.


While the holidays present fun opportunities to shop for your family and friends, the most wonderful time of the year isn’t all about material items – it’s about joy and togetherness. However, a little gift giving can’t hurt. Whether you give a tangible gift or simply the gift of love and friendship, the recipient will simply be glad that you care.