Girls volleyball claim first CIF win against Mountain View High School


Gabriela Yacoub

Reese Fraser spiking the ball over the net.

Putting the “dub” in “A-dub,” the AWHS girls volleyball team beat Mountain View High School on Nov. 9 at the AHWS home court in their first California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) game.  AWHS started out slow, allowing Mountain View to stay ahead for the majority of the first set. AWHS was able to make a slight comeback, but the first set ended with AWHS losing by four points. The referees made several close calls, keeping fans on edge. AWHS won the rest of the sets 25-19, 25-19 and the final set, 25-21.

Lyla Johnston, senior at AWHS and DS/Libero for the team, says that the team prepared for a challenging game, but together they fought for the win.

“We knew it was going to be a tough game either way because we’re in states, but we have a good team,” Lyla said.

Reese Fraser spikes the ball once more, scoring a point for AWHS. (Gabriela Yacoub)

In Lisa Hudson’s first year as the head coach for the AWHS girls volleyball team, she says her team has come a long way from the beginning of the season and she is truly happy for them. 

“I’m so proud of these girls, …I’m just so proud of all that they’ve accomplished, and how well they’ve played all season,” Hudson said.

Both the coach and players felt as if the first set could have yielded better results, but were happy that the team pulled through in the end.

“I think we had a little nerves in that first set but then we settled in and everyone played their game…,” Hudson said.

AWHS turned the game around and played with determination and hard work, leaving fans and their fellow players impressed.

“It started out a little rough, but we came together as we always do and we pulled through,” Lyla said. 

With this CIF win, the AWHS girls qualified for states, a paramount achievement for many  schools. The Falcons made a comeback, eventually stealing the win against the Mountain View Spartans in four out of five sets and celebrating their qualification for states.