ASB president Margaret Young aims to help AWHS community take flight


Georgia Schroeder

New ASB president Margaret Young hopes to hold more events and inspire inclusivity at AWHS.

As the Associated Student Body (ASB) president Margaret Young steps into her new role, she anticipates building a supportive and spirited student body. Due to the lack of school dances, rallies, and sports events during COVID-19, the 2020-2021 school year had an absence of community involvement. This year, Margaret and ASB plan to create an environment of inclusivity and community. 

“I remember freshman year I came in… barely knowing anyone, [and] the first day of school my crew leaders were super super nice and welcoming, and from the beginning I was like, ‘I want to be a part of this program,’” Margaret said.

Having attended Archie Williams High School (AWHS) without distancing and mask regulations before COVID-19, Margaret knows what the community could feel like. She wants to bring that aspect back to campus as much as possible this year.

Isolation was so tough so just creating a super bonded and open community with tons of opportunities to get to know people is super important to me,”

— Margaret Young

“Isolation was so tough so just creating a super bonded and open community with tons of opportunities to get to know people is super important to me,” Margaret said.

As well as creating a welcoming environment on campus, Margaret aims to influence students to become more involved in AWHS sports. After over a year of limited spectatorship at sporting events, ASB hopes to bring back the supportive AWHS crowd by adding spirit days to coincide with sporting events.

“[We plan to] have everybody come dressed [in spirit wear] to school and have lunch time activities, then people will go dressed to the games,” Margaret said.

Margaret also plans to hold more events and activities for students, including a possible outdoor movie night, in order to start bringing the community back together. As well as creating an inviting campus environment, Margaret hopes to cultivate support within the ASB class itself.

As ASB president, Margaret represents the entire student body. With this responsibility, Margaret communicates with AWHS administration on issues that affect the student population. Taking on this responsibility comes with developing relationships with the principal and the rest of administration.

“I plan to meet with Ms. White a ton… I [will] bring something up to her and I try to negotiate the best I can in favor of the students… but also at the same time trying to be empathetic towards the administration… just having tons of meetings and staying in good communication,” Margaret said.

Margaret plans to make this school year as inclusive and normal as possible. Whether it’s hosting COVID-safe events or encouraging students to support AWHS sports teams, Margaret will be at the forefront of it.