AWHS girls golf drives with determination


Ellis Chamberlin

Sophomore Ryan Magnusson takes her first shot of the hole.

The AWHS girls golf season teed off with two wins, 13 losses, and one tie. While most of the team members are new to the game, the Falcons’ biggest asset is their positive outlook and support for one another. 

“Golf is hard; it takes years of skill to be proficient,” said 6-year AWHS golf coach Andre Demian, “As a team, we have learned a great deal about the game, how to play it in a team format as well as appreciate the camaraderie of competing with other MCAL schools.”

The team is led by standout sophomore Ryan Magnusson, who has a current handicap of 6.3, placing her among the top ten high school golfers in the country. She has been playing golf for 4 years and has brought enthusiasm and other players to the team. 

We are nothing but positive. When we lose, we lose together and when we win we win together. There’s no pressure to be perfect.

— Abby Cochran

“Our team has done well this season and put in a lot of effort. We have some new great players that have made a great positive impact on the team and most importantly we are having fun,” Ryan said.

Team captain and AWHS senior Hattie Pohlman also helps lead the team, and was praised by Demian for always being optimistic and supportive towards the younger players. Though golf is a mainly individual sport, these women believe teamwork is the key to success. 

Demian remains optimistic about the future of their season, even though the team’s record has more losses than wins. While not always visible to spectators, the team knows that keeping their composure and building endurance are important parts of being successful golfers.

“This team has played very well. Golf is a game that challenges you to be patient and present. The girls have improved in their ability to do both,” Demian said.

Above all else, the AWHS girls golf team separates themselves from others in the league with teamwork and a positive attitude.

“We are nothing but positive,” junior Abby Cochran said. “When we lose, we lose together and when we win we win together. There’s no pressure to be perfect.” 

Coach Demian has full faith in this team that they can compete with some of the top teams in Marin County Athletic League (MCAL). 

“As a golfer, one must ‘win’ the battle with one’s self, then add up your scores and see how you compare to your opponent. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to play and compete. The team’s future is promising,” Demian said. 

Ryan will represent the AWHS Falcons at the upcoming 18-hole MCAL tournament held at Peacock Gap on Monday Oct 18. MCAL schools with 8 wins qualify as a team, otherwise schools send one representative to play. 

The team will continue their battle on Thursday Oct. 14 at 3:00 p.m. against Marin Catholic High School at the Meadow Club course where they hope to further their overall team standings in MCAL.