Varsity girls field hockey fields potential for future success


Ariana Pillitteri

Junior Zola Thurston sits on Senior Jada Shore’s back to celebrate their effort in the game.

The AWHS Varsity Girls Field Hockey team played Lick High School at Red Hill on Wednesday, Sept. 22. AWHS faced a loss against Lick with a score of 0-4.

AWHS was down in the first and second quarter due to the three goals scored by Lick. The Falcons put up a fierce fight in the third quarter and prevented any goals from being scored, but one managed to slip in during the fourth quarter. 

Though they suffered a loss, the AWHS team and coach were still happy with the girls’ effort and performance. Coach Alex Guana was especially proud and supportive of the team. 

“I just could not be more pleased with the performance of our young squad… We just fought to a standstill in the last three-quarters of this game against a very well-coached, very competitive Lick team,” Guana said. 

Junior Tova Benson, left midfielder, dribbles the puck away from the Falcon goal and prepares to hit the puck up the field. (Ariana Pillitteri)

The Girls Field Hockey team was established at AWHS in 2019 and didn’t have a season last year due to the pandemic. Now, in the second season, there are many new players. Team captain and senior, Greta Huebner is the only returning senior on the team. Despite that, the team is improving quickly and bonding together. 

“We just keep getting better and better every game and we’re coming together as a team very nicely. Seeing the players learn fundamentals and seeing them get stronger, it’s just everything a coach could hope for and ask for,” Guana said.

The Falcon players remained positive and supportive, encouraging each other rather than placing the blame on individual mistakes. The team is all about “peace and love” as AWHS senior Jada Shore and junior Jesse Guana explained. 

The returning players on the team fought to keep the program from being cut this year and recruited new players in order to achieve a long lasting legacy. Greta, Jada, and Jesse all agreed that the team is just starting out and is sure to improve and drive the puck to a win soon. 

“I think we have a good opportunity to win, which would be the first win for this program,” Jesse said.