TUHSD likely to return to a hybrid learning model by March 2


A look at social distanced desks in room 224 for hybrid school.

An email from the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) Superintendent Tara Taupier sent on Feb. 16 said that the district is likely to return to a hybrid model of learning by Tuesday, Mar. 2. 

Since Mar. 13, 2020, the district has adopted a fully online learning model amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Tuesday, Feb. 16, the county of Marin entered into Red Tier data relating to the spread of COVID-19 cases. Although still in the Purple Tier, if the county keeps its Red Tier data for another week, it will officially be moved into the Red Tier on Feb. 24.

A flow chart showing the order of events leading up to a hybrid model, based on California’s colored tier system. (Kelsey Riemer)

According to Taupier’s email, Marin’s adjusted cases per 100 thousand people is 8.9, which is within Purple Tier data. However, Marin’s test positivity rate is just 2.4 percent, and the Health Equity Quartile is 3.8 percent, both within Orange Tier data boundaries. 

“Please note that we must continue to follow California Public Health guidelines. We, as a district, do not have the authority to defy Public Health orders or other California State requirements,” Taupier said in the email. 

Two weeks after the county has moved to Red Tier (Mar. 2), TUHSD schools will be allowed to return to a hybrid learning model, with certain restrictions and safety measures in place. 

Once in the hybrid model, High School 1327 will have three cohorts, Green, Gray, and Glitter – in order to control the number of students on campus at one time to keep both students and staff safe and in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions.

Classrooms are now equipped with new technology, hand sanitizing stations, sneeze guards, and spaced out desks, prepared for a safe return to school.