New feel-good movie “The Prom:” provides heartwarming support to the LGBTQ+ community


Promotional material courtesy of The New York Times

Angie and Emma spending quality time together at Emma’s house

“The Prom,” released Dec. 11, 2020 by Netflix is a heartwarming movie centered around acceptance for all. This uplifting movie is perfect for families and suitable for all ages.

“The Prom” is an interesting way of addressing LGBTQ+ issues that have  occurred in high schools for generations, seemingly unspoken issues until recently. The film is loosely based on a true story that addresses bullying in the LGBTQ+ community. 

The musical begins with a group of broadway actors and actresses looking for a cause they can be of service to in hopes of good publicity. They go to Edgewater, Indiana to help a high school girl, Emma Nolan (Jo Ellen Pellman), after the parent-teacher association (PTA) tried to ban her from the prom because she planned to bring her girlfriend as her date.

The musical stars well known actors and actresses, such as Meryl Streep, James Corden, and Nicole Kidman, who play the privileged Broadway stars. 

Dee Dee Allen (Meryl Streep), the most self-centered out of everyone, struggles with consideration and decency toward others. Barry Glickman (James Corden) and Angie Dickinson (Nicole Kidman), though both still vain, are kinder than Dee Dee and therefore able to connect better with Emma.

Although the acting is very strong, some moments in the film were a little too extreme. Throughout various scenes, actors try to convey deep emotion, but only come across as tacky. In one scene, Barry is sitting on a bed talking to Dee Dee about his struggle as he feels like he never belongs. In the scene, he is more passionate than realistic. In most films, anger or sadness are best expressed through calmer manners, instead of the abhorrent yelling, featured by Corden. 

Throughout the film, there is a developing theme of support between the Broadway stars and Emma. It’s rewarding to see each character change for the better after uniting to become as close as a family. In the beginning of the movie we see Dee Dee as a self-absorbed actress. She experiences admirable character development, where, with help from the other characters, she learns how to show love and consideration for others.

Along with a great plot, I found the wardrobe to be very fitting to each character. The costumes complimented the musical theme with a good balance of exaggerated costumes and simple everyday clothes. Each character’s style is consistent throughout the movie. For example, Emma wears pants and suits while Dee Dee wears sparkly clothes giving a unique personality to each character. 

Overall, I thought this musical was amusing and would highly recommend it. The uplifting tone and admirable plot make the film enjoyable. It is exciting to see so many well known actors and actresses star together, making the musical familiar and entertaining to all ages. With suitable costumes, passionate singing, amusing acting, and an elaborate plot, I found “The Prom” to be a fascinating musical and rate it 4 out of 5.