Law enforcement implements fines for shelter in place violations


A grocery cart stands abandoned during shelter in place.

Reports of carelessness surrounding the shelter in place order have prompted the Fairfax police department to issue fines. 

According to an email from the department received by local residents today, April 7, most complaints relate to construction projects considered non essential, a lack of social distancing in public, and both residents and non-residents driving to open space areas for recreation. As a result, Fairfax officers will be issuing fines for disregard of the essential order. 

It was stated in the renewed shelter order from March 31 that “violation or failure to comply with this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.”

Some Marin residents have failed to meet the requirements of the order, so law enforcement and county health officials continue to stress why we must shelter in place. Quarantine is necessary to slow the transmission of the coronavirus, prevent deaths, and help the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed, according to the County of Marin News Release. 

The coronavirus curve demonstrates why slowing the spread of infection will decrease the amount of deaths in the long run.

Will Burkhart

Hospitals will have more time to prepare for COVID-19 patients the longer it takes for the virus to infect the population.