Peacock Gap hosting Winter Formal despite previous problems at location

Despite previous problems that occurred in the past at dances held by Peacock Gap, ASB has decided to give the location another shot. An inadequate dance floor and lack of alternate activities to dancing caused complications at the Peacock Gap Winter Formal a few years ago, which cautioned ASB from holding the dance there again. However, a few dance modifications and bonus of added security pushed ASB to give Peacock Gap a second chance.

Initially, ASB wanted the dance to be held on campus, because of the lower cost and accessibility to younger students. However, after weighing the pros and cons, ASB decided to host the dance off campus. “When the dance was held at Drake, there were few issues compared to previous years, but our only issue was that not enough students bought tickets, so we barely made enough to help fund prom,” said Molly Soladay, senior and president of ASB. 

Dances on campus also cause problems with security and chaperones. 1,100 of 1,300 students attending homecoming in October, and according to principal Liz Seabury, security was stretched too thin. “When we do dances off campus, the facility, in this case Peacock Gap, has to give us some security. So it helps us with providing manpower,” Seabury said.
Three years ago, when Winter Formal was held at Peacock Gap, there were two main issues: the dance floor was too small, and there was a lack of alternate activities for students who didn’t want to dance. ASB has addressed these problems, and provided the dance with a much bigger dance floor and activities like a silent disco, games, and a photo booth. Whether or not these changes have improved the event is for the students to decide the day of the dance.