Club day inspires new interests in students


Liana Merrell

Daraja club members participate in Club Day on September 18th.

Hundreds of students milled around the senior tree making decisions, consulting with their friends, and taking risks. Club Day, on Wednesday, September 18th, steered many students in different directions of interest.

New and returning clubs advertised themselves and encouraged students to join using free candy, snacks, interactive games, and eye-catching posters. Popular clubs that made an appearance included Mountain Biking, Robotics, Mock Trial, and Eco Action clubs. 

One table that had a consistent flow of visitors was Daraja. This club supports girls’ education at the Daraja Academy in Kenya. According to one of the club leaders, Lea Baskin Monk, the club raised eleven thousand dollars for the academy last year and had the opportunity to travel to Kenya over the summer.

“While we were there we met the girls, we got to see the cause that we’d been supporting, and make friendships with girls across the world,” Baskin Monk said.

Another popular club, the Multicultural Club, had fifty-nine students sign up. As stated by club leader Chloe Schoenstein, students will learn and spread awareness about various cultural issues around the world.

“Clubs are a good experience. They’re a good way to get involved in school, and it’s a fun way to learn new things and get new opportunities,” Schoenstein said.