Tennis Recap


Erik Gustufson

Girls’ varsity tennis faces wasps and the wind in nail-biting match

Tensions were high at Cascade this Tuesday, and so were the winds. As the Navato team slowly rolled in, late due to the unprecedented traffic, the wind knocked over unexpecting umbrellas as Drake High School warmed up in anticipation. Equally matched, the team knew the game would be close.

The singles matches started strong with Audrey Johnston performing wondrous rallies throughout each game. However, the girls were met with tough competitors and despite valiant efforts, lost three out of their four matches. 

It should be noted that both Hailey Hogan and Sam Garriott went into a super tiebreaker, showing how equally capable these athletes were. In the end, Hogan prevailed in her tiebreaker, securing a point for Drake.

Encouraging cheers could be heard from team members who came to support their teammates, although they would not be setting foot on the court until the next game.

“I’m honestly just here for the food… and to support my teammates of course…” Joked junior Ariel Gamble while applauding Drake in the singles matches.

In doubles, the girls found a groove and won two out of the three matches. Sadie Karpay-Brody and Frances di Carpegna dominated the court, with di Carpegna relentlessly striking at her opponent with her smash shot. 

Similarly, Julia Haag and Kate Chaplin came out on top, showing remarkable teamwork, something that the team clearly values and utilizes consistently. 

 “We all really support each other,” Karpay-Brody said. “After a game this close, we’re never hard on one another, we just use it as a way to bond and grow as a team.”