Democrats need to look across the aisle for national success

Sam Mohan Lewin, reporter

Since this year’s midterm elections, the Democratic party has thrown many new faces into the political boxing ring. Household names such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beto O’Rourke and Ilhan Omar arrived in the limelight along with their leftist ideals.

The Democrats have made these new beliefs central to the party very quickly. From having someone like Barack Obama in office as recently as 2016, who would seem centrist when compared to today’s democratic candidates, to having a self labeled socialist running for the nomination as a Democrat hopeful

Bernie Sanders headlined for raising the most money, a mind boggling $18 million in six weeks.
Some of the policies that these far left candidates propose aren’t necessarily terrible ideas. For example, replacing one of the world’s most inefficient and expensive healthcare systems with a universal one not only seems plausible, but also effective.

Although, these policies are attractive, when so many of these expensive government funded programs are championed by candidates, people often times feel that a candidate is acting unrealistically.
The Democratic Party is certainly ambitious. Candidates have proposed or backed policy such as the Green New Deal which currently has 91 house co-sponsors and 12 Senate co-sponsors. Although the Green New Deal isn’t a bill that can be processed into a law, it reflects the left’s trend towards the unrealistic.

Universal Basic Income and free higher education have also been endorsed by blue chip candidates. Passing all of this policy is unrealistic and in order to get more support and unite the country during the general election, candidates need to be more realistic.

In a time of great division, the American people need someone who has the capability to reunite the country. A candidate who supports policy that is too far left and can’t attract enough bipartisan support could be detrimental to what little unity this country has left.

One of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected is a dissatisfaction with the lack of change and bureaucracy that the Obama administration brought to the table. Now, after the instability brought by Trump, many undecided voters will look for someone who is more middle of the road and trustworthy. This candidate should be respectful in the debates and try not to be too controversial.

Democratic candidate Andrew Yang consistently reaches out to conservative outlets such as The Daily Wire and Fox News. He has generated a fair amount of agreement between the two sides for example, Andrew Yang and Ben Shapiro recently came to agreement on paying NCAA athletes and some economic policy in an interview for Shapiro’s The Daily Wire.

The famed writer and feared debater Shapiro and Yang civilly discussed the flaws in today’s welfare system, Yang’s support of single payer healthcare, and his proposed universal basic income plan.
Shapiro has asked many Democrats to come onto his show, yet Yang is the first to accept which shows serious bravery and maturity on his part, “Well I hope I can set a trend, I hope I’m the first, but not the last.” Candidates and people like Yang are what this country needs in order to unite and truly make America great again.