Nadov Rader, Reporter

Family, hope, and desperation are the main themes in Logan. Interesting from start to finish, I didn’t know exactly what to expect in the first scene. But, after seeing Logan stab and decapitate a couple of gangbangers, I knew that the action was going to be worth it.

The past couple of years the superhero genre as a whole has become repetitive. There have been only a few movies in recent memory that have tested the boundaries of the genre.

After the surprising success of Deadpool (R), Marvel Studios produced another R-rated superhero movie, Logan. The R rating allows for the director to use more authentic emotion and violence, two main foci in Logan.

The story told in the movie feels fresh and unique, while still paying homage to it’s comic book roots.

Hugh Jackman (Logan) announced prior to the release that this would in fact be his last time playing the iconic Wolverine. Jackman portrayed the character in a total of 8 movies, as good as he has been in all of these movies, and his performance in Logan is by far the best yet.

Logan develops a deep and complex character that feels oddly human despite his having super powers. In the past Wolverine has always seemed invincible, with his insane healing factor and adamantium coated bones, however in Logan the character seems vulnerable, old, and human as he crawls across the ground bloody while his body tries to heal itself faster than the enemy strikes.

Logan is coupled with the outstanding performances from Patrick Stewart (Professor X) and Dafne Keen (Laura).

When a person has knives stuck to their hands they tend to cut off limbs and make a lot of blood when they fight. So, in all of the previous PG-13 Wolverine movies where they just cut away when there is too much gore, in this movie you see every gruesome second of the action, and it is spectacular.

The action makes Logan a big screen must see. The sound, the thrilling violence is worth the full theatre experience.

I would recommend this movie to everyone, superhero fan or not. As long as you are comfortable with watching a little girl with adamantium claws stab people in the face, then I think you will thoroughly enjoy every moment of this movie.