AP English Language and Composition test postponed


Corina Karr

The email sent out to families and students about the status of the AP Language and Composition test.

Archie Williams students taking the AP English Language and Composition exam encountered difficulties with their test-taking applications, prompting the test to be postponed. The test, originally set for May 9, will be pushed back to May 18. In an email to affected students, Assistant Principal Nate Severin announced school administration is taking care of the issues.

The exam started off normally as students filtered into both gyms and surrendered their phones to test proctors. However, a problem occurred when Bluebook, a College Board testing application, prompted students to reload their computers. Shortly thereafter, the platform collapsed on various TUHSD chromebooks.

“It was really annoying because I had been preparing for the test. I woke up at 6 a.m just to have it canceled, [which] was disappointing. It was incredibly chaotic and unorganized,” said junior Sarah Blanchard.

While the College Board intended the May 9 exam to be digital, the retake on May 18 will be administered on paper, a testing method many students are less comfortable with. While Severin said he is in communication with the College Board to make the May 18 retake digital, he has not publicly stated whether these negotiations have been successful.

“Our whole lives we have been typing our essays, not [hand]writing them. Writing three essays by hand is different and will take more time,” Sarah said.

Archie Williams administration apologized for the testing issues, and assured families that they will take care of all problems.