Archie Williams students look forward to upcoming Winter Formal dance


Jack Evans

Student exchanges money for a Winter Formal ticket in the budget office.

On Saturday, Feb. 11, Archie Williams’ Associated Student Body (ASB) will host its first Winter Formal dance since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. The dance will take place at the Peacock Gap Golf Course in San Rafael, with a “Snowball” theme. Students will attend the dance in semi-formal attire, consisting of white or blue dresses and button-up shirts.

During the Homecoming dance, which took place in the Archie Williams main and small gym, ASB allotted 900 tickets for Archie Williams students to purchase. However, because Peacock Gap’s dance hall is a smaller venue, ASB will offer approximately 600 tickets to the Winter Formal dance. 

Archie Williams freshman Mackenzie Mann has concerns about the ticket cap for the dance. 

“I had fun at homecoming and enjoyed the high-energy vibe. I think Winter Formal will still be fun but could be a little worse with less people because it may not be as hype as homecoming was,” Mackenzie said. 

Archie Williams sophomore Luke Hutchinson shares the same concern. 

“I think it would make it more fun if there were more kids at the dance, because you get to [dance in] mosh [pits] a little bit,” Luke said.

Despite concerns that Winter Formal may not be as entertaining as Homecoming, Archie Williams junior and ASB member Max Lefferts believes the dance will still be an exciting experience, despite there being less people. 

“There will be dancing, and there will be mosh pits for those who enjoy that as well,” Max said.

Max says that having a date to attend the dance is not a requirement. 

“It’s not a promposal kind of thing where you have to go with a date even if you aren’t involved with someone. If you are involved with someone, bring them of course,” Max said.

Due to the pandemic, freshmen, sophomores and juniors have never attended a Winter Formal dance. However, because of her positive experience during the Homecoming dance, Mackenzie plans on attending Winter Formal.

“I had a great first high school dance experience. It was different from any middle school dance I had been to because there were way more people and better energy,” Mackenzie said.

After the largely successful homecoming dance held back in October, ASB hopes to once again provide a memorable experience for Archie Williams students. 

“We already went to the venue to measure out different things like DJ stands, decorations, and lights. It’s a pretty big place from what I understand,” Max said. 

Winter Formal will be the last dance of the year for underclassmen, and the final dance before Prom for upperclassmen.