High school party in Mill Valley ends violently


Courtesy of the Mill Valley Police Department

The media release from the Mill Valley Police Department overviews the events that took place during the evening of Nov. 5.

The Mill Valley Police Department sent out a surprising media release on Sunday, Nov 6. regarding a disruptive party the previous evening. The release explained how the Mill Valley Police Department dispatched a unit in response to a report of a “large group of juveniles yelling, screaming, consuming alcohol and throwing bottles” in an area stretching from Ashford Avenue to a nearby CVS Pharmacy. Police issued citations and releases to parents of minors who were found with alcohol or acting violently towards officers at the scene. 

Approximately 100-200 minors congregated in the parking lot of the CVS on E. Blithedale Avenue. Officers attempted to disperse the crowd, but the situation escalated. 

“Mill Valley Police then began actively detaining and issuing citations for juveniles in possession of alcohol…During this time, the crowd was moving in and out of CVS and throwing cans and bottles at officers in the area,” said Chief of Police Ignacio Navarro in the media release. 

A deputy with the Marin County Sheriff’s Department was struck in the head by a thrown bottle and suffered minor injuries. The crowd continued to harass officers, jump on police vehicles, and a few drove cars recklessly throughout the area. The Mill Valley Police encouraged the CVS to close early, as well as nearby Safeway and Whole Foods locations. 

Upon further investigation, one individual was cited for a Social Ordinance Host violation for originally instigating the incident resulting in Saturday night’s incident. Officers are still reviewing footage from the evening to actively pursue other individuals who committed crimes.