Video of physical altercation between Redwood student and teacher spreads across social media

On Oct. 20, at approximately 11:30 a.m., a confrontation between a student and teacher turned violent at Redwood High School. Officers from the Central Marin Police Department arrested the student involved in the attack, and an ambulance arrived to care for the teacher. 

Many student and staff members served as eyewitness accounts, and a student managed to film the entire scene. The video shows the student and teacher, whose identities remain anonymous, walking down the second floor hallway of the main building. 

After a tense exchange, the student turns to strike the teacher twice in the face, ending in both of them wrestling on the floor. A few seconds later, two other staff members were able to break up the fight. 

“Police detained the student, and they are in custody. Paramedics were dispatched to provide first aid to the teacher, and they are receiving precautionary medical attention,” said Redwood Principal Barnaby Payne in an email to Redwood families. 

The video of the event blew up over social media platforms almost immediately after the fight took place..The consequences for the student involved are still unknown.