Students and staff express frustration with canteen chaos


James Gregor

Cafeteria line piles up at the two open doors closest to the hallways.

The AWHS cafeteria has made recent changes to lunch service in the canteen. Students and staff members alike express frustration regarding the new, state mandated, ID machine system.

California state law requires a new counting system in order to properly allocate free or discounted servings to school districts. The newly installed ID machine experienced bumps in its initial roll out at AWHS, requiring each student to scan or manually enter their student ID. 

 “I think that they added [the ID machine] just to make less people get the [cafeteria] lunch,” said junior Tyler Wolin

Vicky Laverias is the Food Service Manager at AWHS and is in charge of helping to implement the new system.

ID logging system located in the cafeteria records student information. (James Gregor)

“The students have to put in their IDs for the state to keep track of how many students are getting lunch,” Leverias said. “Lines are longer, but last year was chaotic. Kids were everywhere, taking everything, hiding servings…it was out of control.”  

The new ID system makes it easier for Leverias to regulate servings. However, she experiences an added delay and headache due to students trying to remember their six digit ID. 

Although the new system aims to stop students from taking too much food, some students claim the fresh, hot food is replaced by non-perishables by the time they reach the end of the line.

There was nothing left for us, so they brought us uncrustables,” said freshmen Kenley Toussaint

Is the canteen’s new setup maintaining order among the lunch system or creating chaos and lack of fresh food? As the school year continues, students and staff hope to grow accustomed to this newly adopted system.