Vatican restricts gay priests

Sadly, the Catholic Church has released a new document making it harder for gay priests to become ordained.

On Nov. 22,
2005 the Vatican released a document stating that men with “deep-rooted homosexual tendencies” or who have an active role in “gay culture” cannot be trained to become Ro­man Catholic priests. However, men who have “overcome” their homosexuality for at least three years may be allowed to at­tend school and become a priest.

We feel this ban reveals the continuous denial of the Church to understand ho­mosexuality. The Vatican’s ban asserts that gay men who seek priesthood can over­come their emotions and sexuality with time and discipline.

These men cannot change who they are, yet if they want to be a priest, they will have to make some sacrifices.

We believe that if a gay man wants to become a priest badly enough, he will remain celibate for three years until he is admitted into a seminary. He should then be given the freedom to participate in gay culture.

The Vatican describes gay culture as the use of gay movies, books, and Web sites, and participation in gay pride events.

The Vatican permits heterosexual priests to watch non-pornographic movies containing  heterosexual relationships that promote heterosexuality, and homo sexual priests should be allowed the same right.

Ordained priests now have the duty to prevent active gays from entering semi­naries. Confessors (priests who listen to confession) also have the duty of report­ing suspected homosexuals. Now, fear of disclosure overshadows what is supposed to be private sacrament between a peni­tent and confessor. This promotes a tense atmosphere where men will not feel safe to express themselves, in fear of being ac­cused.

Officials say the new ban is partially in reaction to the priest/child abuse scandal, which has received great media attention and scrutiny. To blame the scandal on gay men is absurd, since homosexuality does not equal pedophilia.

A man who likes other men is different than a man who preys on young children. Keeping gay men out of the Church will not prevent child sexual abuse.

This ban on homosexuality is proof of the Church’s inability to be open-minded and accepting of others who do not live exactly as the Church demands.