Underclassmen get “wacky” for their first high school spirit week


Jasmin Desruisseau

Freshman Lucy Bakowski dressed up in her Madonna costume for halloween.

At AWHS, Wacky Wednesday is all about wearing your wackiest outfits, craziest hair, and loudest colors. This year’s Homecoming Spirit Week put on Wacky Wednesday on Oct. 27, and while students of all grades dressed up, underclassmen felt especially excited to experience a spirit week for the first time during in-person school. 

Freshman Lucy Bakowski dressed back in time to the famous singer/songwriter and actress Madonna. 

“I love dressing up, and I’ve always been really into Halloween,” Lucy said.

Bridget Goodwin, another freshman at AWHS, dressed up with large, brown deer antlers and crazy blue hair. Not knowing if there would be many other spirit days, Bridget decided to go all out for Wacky Wednesday.

“I’m just trying to be a part of the school, I think it’s fun to be in the Halloween spirit, and I thought since I’m a freshman, there wouldn’t be many Halloween activities, but I think it’s really cool doing that [dressing up],” Bridget said.

Sophomore Natasha Barchuck and Freshman Simone Car in Wacky Wednesday fits at AWHS. (Jasmin Desruisseau)

Freshman Simone Carr dressed up with some artfully-crafted makeup resembling a bullet wound. Simone says she loves creating unique special effect make-up looks. 

“I like doing special effect makeup, and Halloween is the only exceptional holiday where you can do that and leave your house,” Smione said.  

Natasha Barchuck, a sophomore at AWHS, wore her Minion onesie Halloween costume as her Wacky Wednesday outfit. For Natasha, comfort was a key factor in choosing her costume. 

“I like dressing up and I like onesies because they’re comfortable and I like being comfortable at school,” Natasha said.

Lowerclassmen experienced Wacky Wednesday in their first spirt week, and felt it was a great way to bring school spirit into the week, including the excitement of getting to wear your costumes with Halloween weekend coming up. The AWHS Associated Student Body (ASB) planned spirit days for the rest of the week: Jersey Day on Thursday, Oct. 28 and Color Day (where each grade wore a pre-selected color) on Friday, Oct. 29.