Fairfax skatepark community GoFundMe reaches its 30,000 dollar goal

Will Huctchinson and Jermey Tuffli working on the building process of the Fairfax Skatepark

Aler Giffin

Will Huctchinson and Jermey Tuffli working on the building process of the Fairfax Skatepark

A GoFundMe fundraiser for the Fairfax skatepark started by Steven Teijeiro and Andrew Hauris on Dec. 27, 2020, announced that it reached its 30,000 dollar goal on Mar. 5. 

In 2019, Teijeiro, the founder of Neighbor Skate Co., and other advocates brought the idea of a skatepark in Fairfax to the Town Council. The council agreed to the building of a temporary skatepark on Bank Street, located on the eastern wall of the Contratti Park baseball field in the Pavillion parking lot. This park plans to remain open for the next year while Fairfax’s Parks and Recreation department will scout for a permanent location. 

The skatepark is expected to open at the beginning of April as the construction has begun and is scheduled to continue for the rest of March. The park parameters only take up three parking spaces, leaving ample room for those to park and enjoy the amenity. The space available will be used to make eight park features out of wood and metal including a mini ramp, banks, quarter pipes, benches, and a rail.

The community showed their support, with many showing up to Fairfax Town Council meetings on Jan. 20 and Feb. 17 of this year in support of the park. The GoFundMe has reached 488 donations in just over three months.

“The support has been fantastic. So many hundreds of donors…five out of five votes from the members of town council approving the skatepark. It’s incredible,” Teijeiro said.

Jeremy Tuffli, head builder of the park also built the Marin City skatepark using the same techniques that will be exhibited at Fairfax park. Besides Tuffli, there are volunteer builders that are assisting as well as donating materials and paying for supplies out of pocket. 

After meticulous planning, the park’s layout will have the most features they could comfortably fit into the space. The plan took the COVID-19 constrictions for Marin County into consideration. 

Stephanie Hellman, Fairfax Vice Mayor and Council Member said, “Regarding COVID-19 safety, county rules per Health and Human Services and local law enforcement would apply similarly to any outdoor recreation.” These guidelines state that for those using the amenity a six-foot distance is mandatory, and masks are required anytime you get within six feet of someone from outside your household. 

For those in the community who don’t have the equipment to participate, helmets and skateboards will be donated. Furthermore, lessons will be provided for those who can’t afford them. The park will be open to the public and not only skateboarders but scooters as well. 

The park will benefit the community in a variety of ways. Hellman says that the facility will “offer a healthy, social, safe, and physical local activity for the youth as well as bring additional commerce activity to downtown merchants.”

The park will be completed by April and serve as a temporary location until the next year. With COVID-19 precautions taken into account, and a welcoming community backing the build, Teijeiro concludes, “ We are going to have an amazing skatepark.”