Fairfax Theater reopens and closes again


Maddie Biegel

The Fairfax Theater, on Center Ave in Fairfax, changed from Movies to the message, “We Will Be Bac(k).”

The Fairfax theater reopened in September after COVID-19 cases lessened in Marin, but closed again because of a lack of movies to show.

To ensure that the theater was safe, the theater allowed a 25 percent capacity per auditorium, about 7-20 people in each theater. They also spaced people apart by blocking off seats to ensure social distancing. These regulations created flexibility for the customers to make them feel most comfortable in COVID-19 safety measures.

“I felt really safe because we were able to wear our masks and they left the doors open, and the spacing was very good,” movie-goer Gia Wallace said, who was there shortly before the theater closed again.

The theater sold snacks, such as popcorn, candy, and drinks. To eat, customers would have to take their masks off in the theater, which was allowed. Since everyone was spaced in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, people were able to do so safely.

When tickets were bought online or at the box office, the theater also reserved two seats on each side of the spot bought. The extra space allotted by the reservations made it easier to maintain distance.

Although safety precautions were taken seriously, the Fairfax theater shut down again. This time, instead of closing due to a risk of COVID-19, the theater closed because of a lack of movies provided for their viewers.  

“This location has had to temporarily re-close due to the lack of availability of great cinematic features our viewers deserve,” Cinemawest said.

The majority of theaters owned by Cinemawest are closed because of a risk of COVID-19. 

 “This location is temporarily closed for the safety of our guests & employees,” the cinawest website wrote for the Petaluma movie theater. 

Businesses continue to reopen and close during the pandemic, due to lack of business and COVID-19 risk. Different businesses are affected in different ways, often by a chain reaction, like the lack of movies made for the Fairfax theater to show.