ASB perseveres through COVID-19 by maintaining positivity and efficiency


11/11/2020 – ASB discussing school tour management, as well as going back to school in the new year.

High School 1327 (HS 1327) is having a pivotal year. Because of the name change, online school, and COVID-19 restrictions, the slope to getting things done has dramatically increased. 

The Associated Student Body (ASB) has always been a large part of the changes and ongoings at HS 1327, arranging everything from schoolwide dances and rallies to fundraisers and school clothing. However, ASB, similar to everything else, has been hindered by COVID-19. 

‘‘On campus, we could just walk five feet and be at another crew and ask them a question or walk about 50 yards to the office and ask questions about the budget or run events by Ms. Seabury; the added layer of emails and zoom-meeting schedules does make it a bit more challenging to manage all the extra communications,” ASB President Ella Acker said.

This is just one hurdle ASB has leaped over and will continue to overcome throughout the pandemic. Despite setbacks, ASB maintains a positive outlook and an innovative attitude regarding this school year. 

“ASB is inherently a very hands-on class, from working with admin to making posters to filming for PTV, so adapting to online has for sure created a bit of an obstacle for being able to best prioritize our time to make and do everything,” Acker said.

There is a noticeable change in ASB as part of the creative and publicity process has been compromised. Where there used to be school announcements over the P.A. system, there are now Instagram posts and school wide issued emails. The lack of in person conversations has put a small wrench in the gears. 

Efficiency is key in ASB, but so is the class environment as bonding and familiarity is prioritized. Along with the hardship of online meetings comes the issue of familiarity, as getting to know each other is a large part of getting to know each other is a large part of the success ASB has had in the past.

“[Familiarity] helps create a more collaborative work environment so making a point of keeping screens on during class and giving groups a chance to get to know each other is key,” Acker said.

ASB is responsible for larger school events such as the Homecoming Dance and Prom. However, due to COVID-19, these events are unlikely to happen for the rest of the year.

Truthfully, I feel we are less productive than any other year that I have been involved with ASB. But I think this pandemic has made it challenging for everyone,” ASB advisor Karen Gladyz said. 

There is a genuine struggle with generating events and activities for the students. With that said, ASB’s optimism and perseverance remains.

“I do believe in spite of our lack of events…such as dances and rallies…my students are learning to push through difficult times, stay positive for one another, and to think innovatively,” Gladyz said. 

COVID has changed life for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped ASB from performing their job the best they can. Rest assured that ASB is working hard and determined to create a fun, strong, and safe community between all the students at HS 1327 in these unprecedented times.