Measure M vote may determine quality of education for future students


Fiona Swan

Voting for Measure M

On Nov. 3, Marin voters will be deciding on Measure M, a straight renewal parcel tax for the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD). The measure needs a 66.7 percent majority to pass. 

Measure M would make no changes to the current tax (keeping the $469 rate) for the next nine and a half years until Jan. 2030.

If the current parcel tax funding expires, it would mean $16.8 million in additional budget cuts related to the mere $1.1 million budget cuts approved April 28, 2020 due to parcel tax failing last year. 

If this new rendition of the parcel tax were to fail, the losses would be the equivalent to laying off 115 teachers. The cuts would include cutting class programs and laying off teachers and staff, which would resultantly increase class size.

“The quality of education that our district is known for is at stake… All electives, including science electives, and alternative school programs are up for consideration,” said Corbett Elsen, the TUHSD Chief Financial Officer.

If the measure doesn’t pass the 66 percent approval rate, the old parcel tax will expire in June 2022, meaning that Measure M will directly affect the current sixth to tenth graders in the district.

The district may also change to a six-period schooling system, changing the amount of classes each student can take. This would mean that if a freshman or sophomore were to take a special education class, they would not be able to take a language and would have to wait until their junior year.

The decision to keep or get rid of Measure M may negatively impact the quality of education of all TUHSD students below current high school juniors. Community members can vote on Nov. 3, 2020 to take part in this decision.

Note: The parcel tax does not help fund the High School 1327 name change, as the money for the name change will come from individual donations and grants. No parcel tax money or general fund money will be used to pay for a name change.