Main water line breaks on High School 1327 campus, forcing teachers to reconsider teaching from their classrooms


Courtesy of Chad Stuart

Water flowed from the burst pipe before it was shut off.

On the evening of Sunday, Aug. 23, the main water line on the High School 1327 campus ruptured, causing flooding near the main gymnasium. As of today, Aug. 25, the water has been turned back on. However, the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) recommends that no one use the water on campus until further notice.

The Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) schools have been in session since last Wednesday, Aug.19, with distance learning. Some teachers have chosen to teach their students from home. High School 1327 math teacher Natasha Krick is one of them. However, she says that she’s not directly affected by the break because she brings her own water bottle to school. 

In an email to the staff, Assistant Principal Chad Stuart recommended that teachers not teach on campus unless they have no other options. Krick is not sure whether or not she’ll be teaching from home now. “I have everything set up here. I will see how the rest of [this] goes,” Krick said. 

High School 1327 is working with MMWD to repair the break and to ensure that the water on campus is not contaminated. “In addition to the repair of the damaged area, we are having our water tested by a licensed testing agency to ensure H.S. 1327’s water is clean and safe. We do not have any information to report [to the community] until the testing is done,” Stuart said. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 26, the TUHSD Director of Maintenance and Operations will meet with the MMWD to dictate a timeline for repair.