Prospective UC high school students, accepted UC students, and UC transfer students affected by new UC coronavirus accommodations


Melissa Auchard, Editor in Chief

While the coronavirus may put California students out of school for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, the Universities of California have accommodated for the unusual circumstances. 

For prospective fall 2021 students, standardized test scores will not be required, letter grades for the spring 2020 semester will be waived, and GPAs will be calculated based on letter grades from grades ten and eleven, according to University of California admissions. 

Standardized tests will not be required of applicants this upcoming year, but are encouraged if possible. ACT and SAT tests provide students with statewide UC eligibility, applications for UC scholarships, and they also help fulfill some UC graduation requirements. The UC admissions board clarified on their website that the new test requirements are a temporary accommodation for 2021-2022 academic year students. They are unlikely to pertain to 2021-2022 applications. 

Many high schools will be administering passing or credit grades rather than letter grades, in response the UCs have temporarily suspended the requirement for letter grades completed in spring and summer 2020. This means that GPAs will be counted based on letter grades from sophomore and junior years, including any summer courses following freshman, sophomore, and junior year. 

Students already admitted into a UC have fewer accommodations than current high schoolers. For one, the acceptance of admission deadline will not be extended. The date will remain May 1. 

Secondly, with the understanding that transcripts may be submitted after the July 1 deadline, admission offers will not be rescinded. 

Similarly to the adjusted requirements for high school students, the letter grade requirement for accepted students is suspended for courses completed in spring 2020. Passing or credit grades will suffice.

 In regards to AP scores, the UCs acknowledge the effort students have put into their classes, so passing grades (3,4, and 5) on the AP exam will be rewarded with college credit. 

Lastly, the UCs will work with families for financial aid if their circumstances have changed. 

The UCs newest requirements hinder transfer students. For individual campuses, major preparatory courses with letter grades may be an admissions factor. However, the UCs will remain flexible with fall 2020 transfer admissions. 

If spring courses are cancelled, transfer students have the opportunity to complete required transfer courses in the summer of 2020, so long as they meet the minimum requirements- 60 semester or 90 quarter transferable units and a minimum GPA of 2.4 (2.8 for residents outside of California).