Fairfax provides a stage for local teen talent

The Women’s Club in Fairfax hosted an under 21 event this past Saturday evening. Hosted by Adam Shapiro, a music instructor and Fairfax local coordinated with the help of Fairfax Mayor Renee Goddard. 

This event was the first of many more to come. The turnout of teens who attended the event showed that this is the kind of thing that youth and adults want to support. Because of the open mic success, more of these events will happen within the next few months. 

One of the musicians, Josh Darr, took part in the open mic. Darr performed a song with a violin. “I’m glad we have a space to provide a platform,” Darr said. Other drake students including Izzie Witchel and Ray Holmberg also took the stage and performed their talents. 

“My experience was good,I liked it, all the hosts were welcoming, I thought that everyone who played here did really well” Josh Darr said. 

Revolution 9 (also known as rev 9), a store in downtown Fairfax, also puts on talent shows for local youth. From the living room setting of Rev 9, to the stage of the Women’s club, local teens are currently able to share the arts that they have learned.