Low-profile evening event enjoyed by Drake seniors


Toby Gibbons

An artist shaping clay in one of the facilities used for AP Night.

Wednesday nights from seven to nine p.m., students gather in the art and ceramics studios to work on projects from class, or independent creations. Participating students refer to this event as “AP Night”. This event provides an opportunity for anyone who is interested to create art while socializing with fellow artists.


Ms. Cederstrom and Mr. Beebe (ceramics and art teachers, respectively) oversee each event.


“It’s an enjoyable experience that promotes art on an extracurricular level,” AP Ceramics student and senior Aidan Nelson said. Nelson has been attending the event since he was a freshman.

According to Nelson, typical attendance is made up of mostly seniors. However, the name AP Night is deceptive. Anyone who wants to show up can participate. You don’t have to be an art student or even a Drake student. “It’s good for everyone. I think it gives everyone an opportunity to learn and improve their own skills outside of the classroom.” Nelson said.

It’s an enjoyable experience that promotes art on an extracurricular level

— Aidan Nelson

Henry Sutro, another AP ceramics student attends AP Night because of the freedom it provides. “I enjoy being in an artistic environment free from the confines of the school day,” Sutro said. But despite its enjoyable environment, AP Night lacks popularity.


There is a lack of awareness for the event, even among art students, potentially because of a lack of promotion. For example, it’s not included on the calendar on the school’s website even though the calendar does include some events of a similar reputation.


AP Night represents an opportunity to put more time into artistic endeavors than the time provided at school, and provides an opportunity for students whose schedules are too busy for an art elective but still want a creative outlet.