Dungeons, Dragons, and Drake High School


Pace Buchan

Fabled fella flippantly fuses to the floor, fractal floats fearfully

“Dungeons & Dragons” (D&D) is taking the Pirate community by storm. The game’s core lies in a group of players, who adventure through a world created by a “Dungeon Master.”
“It’s something that’s accessible to every kind of person,” senior Pierre Beaurang said.

Gary Gygax has been since honored with near deific status in the roleplaying game community since he created D&D in 1974. Since then, D&D has had a turbulent past, from accusations of Satanism to the warping of teenager’s minds. 

Now, after the turn of the century, the fantasy game is played all over the world, even right here at Drake. Several groups get together on a weekly/bi-weekly basis off-campus to inhabit their characters, roll dice and have fun with friends. Many argue that Dungeons & Dragons can even help teenagers develop skills that will help them later in life such as teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving and rhetoric.
“What keeps me interested is the creative aspect of it and being able to storytell,” junior Noah Jung said. He has been an avid player since the age of six.
Anyone can join a retinue of adventurers, whether they’re bent on finding a lost treasure, defeating a legendary monster or even fighting the chaotic forces of the medieval world itself. “There is a lot of love for the game, there always has been,” said Jung.
All it takes is the roll of one twenty sided die to fall down the rabbit hole of playing Dungeons & Dragons.