Community rejects measure to restore local park 


One of the wooden play structures in Memorial Park on October 17th, 2018

The community voted “no” on Measure M, a  proposition to restore local park on Tuesday, November 5th. The decision came after a long dispute on whether to leave Memorial Park as it is or to repair it to meet safety standards.   

Measure M proposed a $98 annual tax for each residential unit with raised funds dedicated to  “[…]replacing/repairing fields and playground equipment for safety, installing drainage, irrigation systems and new restrooms, improving senior accessibility with safe walkways, providing picnic areas, benches and shade trees,” as stated on the Town of San Anselmo’s website. 

 Having been in the community for 93 years, much of the park’s equipment is outdated. Proponents of the measure argue that funds raised would beautify this historical landmark, while at the same time support the much-needed repairs to make the playgrounds safer for children.

“[…] it will provide the town with funds to undertake repairs and improvements to bring Memorial Park up to current safety and accessibility standards,” said Rod Kerr, member of the Measure M team. 

According to Kerr, 2/3rds of the community were required to vote “yes” in order to pass the measure. Yet on November 5th, 66.35 percent of the community voted against the measure, as stated on the Patch website.

Residents who disfavor Measure M argue that the park is one of the most beloved features of San Anselmo and that it should maintain its genuine character, as mentioned in the town of San Anselmo website.

“According to the Memorial Park Master Plan adopted by the San Anselmo Town Council, the park will be completely demolished and then rebuilt. The Park would be out of commission for 1 to 2 years during this time,” said Ellen Caldwell, a Marin County resident. “We feel the playground, as well as most of the elements of the park, just need some repair and maintenance. This can be done with funds that are already available and in the town budget.”

 With the majority of San Anselmo residents voting against Measure M, the park will not be restored and no additional taxes will be authorized to pay for the park’s restoration. However, as said by Caldwell, there may be minor repairs to ensure that our local park remains safe for everyone to continue to enjoy.