Tyler the Creator takes the helm on “IGOR”

Ella Granelli , Online Editor

It’s been a long time coming for California rapper Tyler the Creator, as in the last few years he has truly defined himself as an artist. Previously, Tyler’s benchmarks were vulgarity and projecting a “loud and in your face” vibe, but with his more recent albums, he shows a more melodramatic and sincere side.

After the release of Tyler’s most open-hearted album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy , Tyler ventures into self reflection and the loss of love on his newest album, IGOR. On May 17, IGOR was officially released after a number of short teaser clips.

Tyler stated on Twitter, that fans should “not expect a rap album.” The pressure and hype were on high, and many excepted the unexpected. Since Flower Boy, Tyler has been more open about expressing his emotions. On earlier albums and mixtapes, Tyler’s immaturity and sheer hatred for almost everyone and everything consumed his image.

However, as the years passed on his personal growth emerged through his music, and as a result his artistry began to reach the masses. IGOR is a rap album on paper, but it breaks the boundaries of what is typical. Tyler is able to focus less on rapping and wordplay and instead brings attention to detailed production.

Power filled vocals and synth beats give the album emotion, as we follow Tyler’s fictional character, Igor, on his journey of understanding love and loss. The album opens with “IGOR’S THEME,”which is paired with gritty vocals, drums, and synths. It efficiently sets the tone for the rest of the album, and is a perfect beginning to open Igor’s story.

The song is followed up by “EARFQUAKE,”which is one of the highlights of the album. It not only features great vocals by Playboy Carti, but also includes heavily distorted drums and light piano chords.

The emotional arc is largely present on songs such as “I THINK”, “GONE, GONE/ THANK YOU, and “NEW MAGIC WAND” which incorporates Tyler’s feelings of unrequited love and loss. Many of Tyler’s previous collaborators make appearances on the album, such as harmonizer Kali Uchis, and rappers Frank Ocean, and ASAP ROCKY. Mentors and idols Pharrel Williams and Kanye West appear throughout the album, adding verses here and there.

Though the album has very little lyrical content, Tyler’s emotions still shine through. Clealry the album contains the emotions and loss that Tyler hid in his early years, and is a look into the potential he has always had within. It has been nearly eight years since Tyler’s first album, Gob lin, was released. and it is hard to believe that it was the same person who made IGOR.

The production, lyrics, and melodies are so vastly different that they are almost undisguisable. Though it is many rappers adjective to make upbeat bangers, it is refreshing to see a rapper express more emotions.