Fairfax Theater remodels

Alexandra Fry, Reporter

The Fairfax Theater has recently undergone a remodel. Gone are the red flip top seats, replaced with plush faux leather recliners complete with tray tables. Theater interiors have been upgraded from paisley carpeting to laminate floors. The screens are wider, and the sound system updated.

On July 9, theater owner David Corkill told the Marin IJ, “We anticipate it will be the nicest auditorium in Marin County.”

Prices have been adjusted to reflect the higher quality viewing experience. Matinee tickets now cost $8.50, with evening up to $12.75 adult, $9 child.

“I’m not even that surprised.” junior Ysella Rojas said.

With the high cost of regular tickets, the theater now has an attractive “$6 Tuesday” deal, charging $6 for any movie, any age, and any time. Age restrictions to certain screenings still apply.

According to Variety, the average national price is now $9.16, a jump from $8.84 last year.
As price of a ticket rises, Netflix offers a basic plan at a mere $8.99/month, becoming more popular.

Rojas prefers seeing Marvel movies in theaters, while also regularly using the streaming service.

With the greater population of young people valuing affordability, the Fairfax Theater is trying to create a viewing experience that is worth the price.